Current Status

Currently, we are primarily operating as a general contracting company serving the Twin Cities and are involved in several remodeling projects in the area. 10% of the revenue from each job is going into a fund, that will support our first donated project. Our goal is to raise between $10,000-$15,000 through profits, grants and donations for each benefit project to help someone in need of home renovations. We are excited to be working on our first benefit project right now in Richfield.

JC Carpenters is also on the preferred contractor list for the Greater Metropolitan Housing Corporation in Minneapolis. By their recommendation we are able to do work on homes in the Twin Cities area, using grants and loans the GMHC has supplied to homeowners. Their mission, similarly to ours, is to " preserve, improve and increase affordable housing for low and moderate income individuals and families, as well as assist communities with housing revitalization. "

Take a look at jobs already in progress!

Benefit Projects


Projects for the Greater Metropolitan Housing Center